bGegie Geiger Counter Kit

Product Name:bGenie Geiger Counter Kit
bGegie Geiger Counter Kit
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Three Systems in One:

  • bGeigie, xGeigie and iGeigie
  • bGeigie mode – mobile radiation sensor with display indicator in CPM and µSv/hr, number of satellites locked, height (m), distance traversed (km), total duration of measurement (h:m) and time stamp (dd:hh:mm:ss)
  • xGeigie mode – geiger counter mode (no logging) with display indicator for µSv/hr dose-rate (Cs-137), max dose-rate, dosimeter, Bq/m2 display (Cs-137), time stamp and Alarm LED
  • iGeigie output – iPhone compatible output for Safecast iOS app. iPhone app shows dose rate and can upload data realtime to Safecast API.
  • Sensor: LND 7317, 2” pancake GM tube with IMI iRover HV supply; capable of measuring Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation
  • Modular design – main unit can be taken out of case to use as surface contamination survey meter
  • High quality GPS receiver with external booster antenna connector
  • Wireless option – bluetooth, 802.15.4 or Wifi supported through Xbee socket – send data wirelessly to bGeigie Ninja or smartphone (Experimental; wireless components not included in kit)
  • Blue Indicator LED for every nuclide detected (with cool afterglow)
  • Red Indicator LED for “recording” (bGeigie mode) or “alarm” (xGeigie mode) indicators
  • Orange indicator LED for charge status
  • Battery status indicator on OLED display, with low Battery alarm
  • Function button (user assignable)
  • Buzzer (can be switched off)
  • 2000 mAh battery for approx. 40-hour nonstop operation in bGeigie mode. USB chargeable
  • Memory: 2Gb SD micro card (included)
  • Hot switch between bGeigie and xGeigie mode (in xGeigie mode recording is paused)
  • Many parameters configurable through config file on SD card (e.g. user name, conversion factor for µSv/hr and Bq/m2, time interval, etc)
  • OLED display: 128×64 high contrast, two OLED display sizes supported
  • Realtime clock
  • Watertight, shock resistant Pelican 1010 micro case in Black.
  • Carry strap and hook attachment (for car, cycling, walking, airplane, etc)
  • Fits into “Topeak” Bicycle top bar case for US on road bikes (not included)
  • Dual CPU: Atmel, Arduino. Open-source software


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