Geiger Counter Kit — GCK-01

Product Name:Geiger Counter Kit -- GCK-01
Brand:Images SI
Geiger Counter Kit — GCK-01
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Geiger Counters detect radioactivity and are useful for performing nuclear experiments.

The model GCK-01 is a kit that requires assembly and soldering.

These Geiger Counters primary indicators are an audio click and an LED blink each time a radioactive particle is detected.

The GM Tube is a Ne + Halogen filled It detects the following radiation:

  • Beta above 36 KeV
  • Gamma above 7 KeV

The kit has two buffered Digital Output leads — The digital output provides a TTL logic high pulse each time a radioactive particle is detected. The digital output may be interfaced to a Personal computer (PC) or a microprocessor. Compatible with Images SI Inc.’s DMAD adaptors for PC. External Power Jack

A project box or enclosure is recommended. High voltages are present on the pcb and to the GM tube when the Geiger Counter is turned on so one must not touch the printed circuit board. High voltage charge may also remain on capacitors after the Geiger Counter circuit is turned off.



Check Prices On Amazon >>>

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