MKS 05 Terra Pro Portable Geiger Counter

Product Name:MKS 05 Terra Pro Portable Geiger Counter
MKS 05 Terra Pro Portable Geiger Counter
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Ecotest Terra Pro MKS-05 Geiger Counter



Ukrainian built (Western part), the Ecotest Terra Pro MKS-05 is a simple pocket Geiger counter housed in a minimalistic, modern case. The face has two control pads, one for adjusting the threshold setting and the other for setting the detection mode. It features a dual tone audio alarm combined with pulse count ticker to warn against levels that exceed a user configured threshold.


The unit has 4 modes of operation – Dose Rate, Gamma Dose, Time of Day and Alarm Time, and is designed to measure Gamma, X-ray, and Beta dose equivalents. The counter will alert the user to unsafe radiation levels via both visual display and audio alarm, at a default settings of 0.30µSv/h or 0.007 mSv /24 hour. The alarm levels are user-configurable, and if exceeded, will automatically switch to a live counting mode.


The MKS-05 is built for field use with a shock resistant body, an extra long G-M tube Geiger Muller tube offering quick response time when measuring discrete objects. The Pro version has a Bluetooth link for real time data monitoring, which is a great improvement over previous versions.


The standard package includes 2- AA batteries, 1 English language user manual, leather case and is backed by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. For a mid-level detector the Ecotest Terra Pro MKS-05 offers good functionality although it could use a few enhancements that would quickly to bring it up to a higher price level.

Ecotest TERRA MKS-05 Demo

Current Specification Summary

Detection Profile —

Radiation Types: alpha, beta, gamma and x-radiation
Measurement Ranges:
Measurement ranges and basic relative errors: 0.1 … 999.9; ±25% µSv/h
Gamma radiation equivalent dose 0.001 … 9999; ±25% mSv
Beta-particles flux density with possible evaluation of surface
Contamination by beta radionuclides (90 Sr + 90 Y): 10 … 100 000 1/ (cm 2 ·min)

Internal Data Logging —

Internal memory (1,200 times of measurement data can be saved

User Interface —


Display: – LCD, two keys of control and a loudspeaker.
Operating temperature from – 10 to + 50 oC
Relative humidity up to (95 ±3) % at 35 oC
Atmospheric pressure from 84 to 106.7 kPa.
Dimensions:-120 x 52 x 26 mm
Net weight: 0.15 kg
Power supply AA x 2 book (3 V)
Battery life approx. 2000 hours (approximately 2.6 months)
Alarm:-Activate the alarm threshold is exceeded, Dosimeter performs measurements
Certifications:-Meets all European CE standards

Suggestions for Improvement


The LCD backlit digital display is a bit power hungry and reduces continuous operating life to under 90 days. This is not competitive in today’s market environment. The other problem is the G-M tube mount is not fully secure and the tube may detach.


Affordable price tag
Five independent measuring channels
Bluetooth connection
Shock resistant frame
Compact footprint



GM tube mount

Short battery life

Ukrainian manufacture



The Ecotest Terra Pro MKS-05 is a useful low-cost detector within an attractive case. It contains all the required features for basic consumer radiation safety detection. While not designed for the serious science professional or hobbyist, it is quite useful for general environmental security applications and is fairly priced at around $400.



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