Quantum Pro Portable Geiger Counter

Product Name:SOEKS Quantum Geiger Counter
Quantum Pro Portable Geiger Counter
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SOEKS Quantum Geiger Counter

Being a little older, when I learned the new Soeks Quantum Geiger counter was designed and built in Russia, I was a little skeptical. However, after 15 years the Soviet Union is long gone and in its place exists a flat tax entrepreneurial economy fully capable of turning legacy technology into modern world-class products. The Quantum detector is clearly one such product. It’s an advanced Geiger Counter that earns its share of respect and can easily compete with any radiation detector on the market.


The Soeks designers took their time putting together a Geiger counter that balances attractive aesthetics with precision measurement. For starters, the Soeks Quantum is fitted with the industry’s first and only TFT color display that presents an easy-to-read text/graphical data display. Numeric readout and bar graph are combined with advisory text alerting the user to the level of background radiation: normal, high or dangerous.


To enhance its accuracy and precision, the Quantum is fitted with two Russian SBM-20-01 Geiger Muller tubes offering a maximum exposure level of 1,000 μS/hr. And to keep those tubes charged with requisite high voltage, the Soeks Quantum is shipped with two rechargeable AA batteries that will last for up to 700 hours. After that, recharging is a snap via USB cable.


Mechanically, the Soeks Quantum Geiger counter is slender, light, and compact arriving with
everything you need to get started including a 24-page User Guide. For data logging applications, the Quantum starts saving data from its first measurement, and continues up to 3 years or until the memory is full. The device can then be synchronized with a MAC or PC via USB for data download and memory purge/reset. Also included is an audio visual alarm and alarm clock. Data capture software is automatically updated via Internet. And finally, the Soeks Quantum Geiger counter is backed by a two year warranty.

SOEKS Quantum Professional Dosimeter


Current Specification Summary

Detection Profile —

Measured radiation level:  to 1000 μSv/h
Cumulative radiation dose:  to 1000 Sv
Dose accumulation time:  to 999 days
Gamma radiation energy: from 0.3 to 100 μSv/h
Measurement Interval:  10 seconds
Accumulated radiation dose:  >3 yrs Beta, Gamma and X-Ray


Internal Data Logging —

Data recorded once every 10 seconds
Internal storage: 24 hours.
Ambient radiation storage: 1 month

User Interface–


Languages: English, Russian , German and French
Display: Color TFT Display, Brightness, On/Off Toggle
I/O:  Data transfer via USB interface

Case Dimensions: 2 x 0.5 x 5 inches ; 2.4 ounces
Power: 2 Lithium Batteries ion batteries
Environment temperatures from -40° to +60°C.
Relative humidity max 90% at +25°C.

Suggestions for Improvement


While I really like the Soeks detector I can’t give it my highest rating for a number of reasons. First, is has a limited track record so the longevity question is still open. Second, I’m concerned about shock resistance and robustness. And third while I like the color display, it’s still a basic detector that can’t perform more sophisticated data calculations you expect at this price point.



Battery life up to 700 hours
USB Power recharge and data download
TFT color display
3 Years data logging
Automatically updated software
2-Year warranty



Limited use in field
Second tier data calculation
Unproven reliability



The Soeks Quantum features a new body design, graphical interface, and a powerful processor. It has the first and only TFT color display, and can quickly render highly accurate measurements. The Soeks Quantum is a basic home use Geiger counter, comes with a lot more than one would expect, and is a good value at under $400.



One final comment about the Soeks Quantum. Having worked with Geiger counters for the past 20 years, I’ve see this business evolve from a handful of small players to a market filled with competitors. Manufacturing has globalized – high quality suppliers on all continents are growing with the help of government support and venture funding. SOEKS, founded in January, 2008, is one of these up-and-comers. If you look at their entire product line starting with the entry level Impulse right through to the Quantum, this is company to keep and eye on. Here are 3 other models from SOEKS that you may want to look into.





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