Geiger Counter Videos

Here’s a group of videos we’ve put together for your amusement and education.

For those of you a bit older, you’ll appreciate the 50’s nostalgia. Back in the day when a ticket to the Saturday matinee was only 25 cents and a box of Milk Duds was just a nickel. Back then it seemed like every Saturday there was another creature, recently overdosed on gamma rays, running amok – crushing buildings, people, with a special fondness for Army jeeps.

The parade of gigantically oversized lizards, insects, and even 50 ft people, seemed like it would never end. It was the atomic age and in the middle of the cold war, people were more worried about ICBM’s than a “China Syndrome”. Hell, no one even knew what that was. It hardly ever occurred to folks that the real threat wouldn’t come in the form of mutant monsters, but from an energy hungry world that wanted cheap electricity and figured somebody else would worry about the details

Nowadays, there’s radioactive contamination all over the place: plant leakages, scrap metal, disposal sites, from places we don’t even know exist. But there’s one thing for sure. With all the potential danger around us, it’s no wonder a portable Geiger counter has become one of the essential home safety devices; as common as a smoke detector and every bit as important.

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