Employees should be safe while on the job; that includes healthy air quality. Although laws and policies exist to protect workers, problems with air quality on the job are often overlooked. Breathing unhealthy air at work can be dangerous, but it's also preventable.

Signs of Potential Problems

Do you think the air in your workplace may be unhealthy? Learn how management and employees can ensure everyone breathes healthy air on the job

Preventing Problems

Find out what workers and employers can do to prevent dirty air from polluting the workplace and endangering their health.

Cleaning Up Indoor Air Pollution

Want to know how to improve indoor air quality where you work? Find out how building owners, managers and employees can work together to eliminate the sources of unhealthy air.

Government Actions

Learn about safety measures and regulations that protect your lungs and your air in the workplace.

Corporate Wellness

Many potential causes of lung disease can be found in the workplace, but they easily can be controlled with the proper measures, creating safer and healthier working conditions. This guide can help you create a safer and healthier workplace

Page last updated: April 7, 2020

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